UK-based high quality RECORD lathe cutting service

3.45 RPM

3.45RPM aims to provide a small run service for small bands and small labels, though one-offs and personal/private orders are welcome. Larger orders just aren't feasible I'm afraid, neither in terms of time taken to process or price charged. If you require 100+ of anything it is cheaper to have them pressed at a pressing plant and probably faster too, despite the ever growing waiting times involved in vinyl manufacturing !

The quality of product offered here is of a high grade standard, in relative lathe cutting terms. Hard wearing and durable plastic is used that equals "normal" vinyl in terms of longevity and general playability, be you a DJ, at a friends house, or just wanting a cool listening experience in the comfort of your own home. The sound from a 3.45RPM lathe cut will never match an Abbey Road mastered Hayes Middlesex pressed disc, but should easily meet the requirements of all but the most picky and perfectionist audiophile. If you are one of these people, then please consider looking elsewhere for your product !!

This is not a genre specific site, and I am willing and able to cut any form of sound required from Spoken Word to Thrash to Classical to Pop to Gabba and so on. Just don't ask for any racist, homophobic or nasty nonsense, as it won't happen.

Update 16/09/16 :

I've just rediscovered this link to the woefully out-of-date 3.45 RPM Hall Of Fame . I'd forgotten all about it ! I'll try and bring it up to speed over the next month or so, but just for the stats I'm currently up to 345-175, with the next 4 cuts already planned. Over 5,000 3.45RPM discs are already out there and in "circulation" !